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A beautiful handmade mussel shell wreath. Made from Moule's mussel shells and upcycled hessian from Cornish Coffee's coffee bean sacks, with a rustic hessian loop to hang with pride in your house. Perfect for an interior coastal decoration where you'll have a beautiful part of Cornwall to adorn your home.

I collect the shells, wash them thoroughly and then 'bake' them to ensure they are completely clean and dry, giving them a coat of polish after they're all arranged on the wreath to highlight their beautiful colours and make it look as though they have come fresh from the sea waters! The hessian coffee bean sacks get cut into strips and wound round the wreath, and I even package the wreaths using packaging from a shutter company in Newquay, just continue the upcycling and reuse of our earth's resources!

Mussel Shell Wreath

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