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I'd painted in secondary school and loved portraiture, but never pursued it further. After some travelling in Kenya I fell ill and turned back to painting during my recovery mostly to fill my time in a productive way, but also to capture some of my memories. I loved the escapism that painting gave me: being completely immersed and absorbed in the moment of mixing colours, occupying your mind in replacement of that dangerous social-media scrolling we're all guilty of. 


Boniface, one of the children at the Kenyan orphanage I volunteered at, made a lasting impression on me. His wicked smile and brash giggle could melt anyone’s heart (go on, I bet you'll struggle to find him in the gallery). I wanted to capture his mischievous cheek for other people to see in a way that a photograph does not relay. So, I set-to. The response I received from this painting amongst friends was overwhelming! Someone asked ‘how do you do that?’. It’s hard to answer, really, but I best described it as putting pigment on a page (oh the alliteration).


Among this response I was asked to paint a commission. Then, a-bit-of-life-and-one-website-later and here we are! I've created this site for anyone to get in touch about commissions they'd like. 

One autumnal day, I stumbled across a rather good looking pumpkin. Here it is. Good looking, I think you’d agree?

Recently, Kelly Slater (GOAT) used my original oil painting of him as his OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM PICTURE. You can see this on these screengrabs of his verified profile, and sharing my original Instagram post in his stories. 

A limited edition of Kelly Slater prints is available for purchase here. Get yours now before it's too late!

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